Foundation ViewHaving poor drainage in and around your home can lead to some serious problems for the foundation. This problem can be magnified by clogged gutters or improperly installed downspouts.

1. Typically the sides of your basement are filled with a mixture of stone, dirt and discarded construction materials. Excess water cannot flow freely down to the drain tiles and may sit against your basement walls.

2. The sitting excess water combined with the freezing and thawing of our Wisconsin winters can lead to expansion and contraction of your basement walls which can create cracks allowing water to seep in.

3. The solution is to dig it all out and repair the cracked/caved in wall. The dirt is then replaced with stone which will allow the water to properly flow down to the outer drain tile.

4. After the water enters the outer drain tile it transfers to the inner drain tile. Sometimes the existing inner drain tile can become filled with excess dirt and debris and will need to be replaced. This is an expensive repair that requires part of the basement slab to be removed so we can access the drain tile.

5. After the water flows through the inner drain tile it rests in the sump crock waiting for the sump pump to evacuate the water out of the house and away from your foundation.